Mental Health Wellbeing Support

Free mental health wellbeing support to all women in Scotland

Our mental resilience, which is referred to as the oil that runs our cognitive machine in the face of stress and keeps us going, is depleted from this stress. As long as there is nothing to fill the gap - nothing external to define and assess your value, nothing else to motivate you to continue along the path, nothing to explain the why, what, and how of every day - one can feel unmoored for some time. Working through the trauma's impact requires you to update and reframe your beliefs and sense of self, a new round of "meaning making", in order to work through the pain and hardships of the past.

General MHW support such as coping strategies, relaxation methods and techniques, breathing and grounding exercises, and internally designed Safety Planning strategies. Services delivered by certified life coaches and psychology students in placement.

Qualified MHW support for clients who fall into higher risk categories or have more complex well-being needs, we also provide services for clients who might be struggling with addiction, suspicions of borderline mental illness diagnosis, and women expressing concerns about their safety when it comes to suicidal thoughts and self-harm. Services delivered by qualified MH professionals. This module shall be completed by any appropriately qualified and experienced mental health professional.

Every client who is being considered for the MH Wellbeing support will be meeting our adviser on a weekly basis (online/ WhatsApp/in person). During the first session HSTAR member and the client will decide on a narrow and particular issue or problem, such as stress management, social anxiety, distress, basic coping skills, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, meditation and grounding activities, and the general importance of self-care and self-esteem activities.

Helpers are not allowed to facilitate any therapy or psychology approaches; they can only provide generally accessible and safe resources for mental health well-being improvement.

Our client's needs are assessed individually, and the number of sessions may vary (from 2 to a maximum of 4).

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