- Referral stage- over 75% are referrals received from other organisations, via our digital referral link. We also receive self-referrals via email, website link and phone.

- Referral confirmation email- each newly referred/self-referred woman receives a welcome confirmation email, with detailed explanation of further steps regarding their enquiry.

- Intake call- based on your booking, qualified intake assessor of HSTAR runs a basic initial therapy intake call- this is very important stage, as sometimes women asking for therapy actually need more mental health wellbeing support, sometimes a budgeting advice, benefits welfare or even just to engage with one of our befrienders. This is also a stage when we measure and assess the risk, HSTAR supports women who are in a safe environment, and sometimes we must consider signposting internally to social work services to create an intervention referral (all our staff are DASH risk assessment qualified). Each call is person centred, the intake assessor has a trauma-informed warm approach and is fully trained.

- Service pre-approval email with attached digital link to Terms and Conditions and/or a Refundable Deposit Invoice (if applicable) will be sent to newly referred person

- AssessmentWi thin 48 hours from receiving your signed documents, a Therapy Coordinator will assess the most suitable therapist, looking carefully at language, ethnic, faith requirements, also focusing on individualised therapy needs to choose the most suitable model of therapy. Depending on the clients’availability and of the therapists’, service will be assigned and clients will be notified of the process. It may take up to 12 weeks to start therapy. 

- Service approval email which includes therapist contact details is sent to the client, also the service provider receives basic contact details to arrange a therapy directly with the client.

- Monitoring form is required to be submitted by each Therapist or Service Provider, so that HSTAR can easily coordinate consistency and quality of services.

- Digital feedback form Digital feedback form Within 7 working days from the final session, HSTAR will ask clients to submit a digital feedback form and/or refundable deposit repayment request (if applicable), we might ask for additional follow up (such as online or phone chat) to gather more information about the experience of support from HSTAR for our charity Case Study. After receiving our client’s consent, our charity copywriter will look after the case study and before it is published, the draft will get emailed to our client for final approval and consent to share (we never share names and any personal details.)